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Research & Inspiration

So much of the success of this house lies in the research that paves the way. It's grueling but exciting to find the numerous ways this vision can be realized!

As with most of my work, it starts with finding the object that creates the inspiration. This can be evasive at times. Fortunately, this one rose to the top pretty quickly.

Even though I quickly decided that aircraft would be the material of choice, and even though I obtained my private pilot's license years ago and am therefore familiar with the parts, a lot of research is still required before I can understand it well enough to manipulate it into its next life.

I've said for a long time, "Listen to an object long enough and it will tell you what it wants to be next." Just listen.

Research is the first and most important part.


Human knowledge builds upon itself (or at least it should). If I am going to take this further, I need to fully see and know what has gone before me. Here is my ongoing research into those who have gone before me. 


What a wonderful material/object to manipulate into a house. There will be an overarching big play these parts will create together, the "Real Drama" of the house. But the better I know and understand this material/object, the better I can really bring it out. Keep learning.


Of course, part of my research must be "the neighborhood." I need to make sure I'm sending it in the right direction. It's also a great way to be inspired to take a look at homes that have details I like or have shapes and silhouettes that resemble parts of aircraft.