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Development - Sketches & Planning


To begin, as I look over the actual material, I begin to scribble. Scribble on anything. These are the first of the scribbles. They are signals of where my head is at this time, and they are likely to change tremendously before actual blueprints begin to be drawn and engineers begin to make it possible.

-- Scroll Down to See The How the Development is Going -- OR Go to the 7 Models Page for each of the seven models in the works. 




So I am half way through thew model tests. The favorite one is BY FAR the one made of the two 787 wings and is a simple clean two wing design that can accommodate a second floor or loft space and has the one larger end with the huge glass windows. Brilliant and by far the favorite. Now 787's are not likely to retire soon. So Im exploring other designs as well and other aircraft wings that can create a similar design with wings we can get our hands onto. More models to come this next week and then the architects and I begin to toss out the ones that will not work. The development of this is amazing. 



I loved some of the material uses here. Many of which have inspired how I can use other materials that will come into play in this house. Exciting as all these elements begin to whirl and connect in my head. 



And here are the rest. Now we begin to develop the images into building sketches. And then on to developing how this house will function.