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Well well well.... as if I didn't have enough going on, now lets build a f@^%king house! 


Rodney Trice

Well, it has been a year since my last entry. And that is not because of anything even related to not moving forward. Sometimes the moving forward is more like the tortoise and feels a lot like no movement at all. lol

BUT sometimes those are the very times when resolve and partnerships are galvanized and grown up from the dirt. Those are often the times when seeming unrelated events that demand immediate attention call to you. And you have to answer. But what I find compelling is that this time, this long delay has created the most resolve and possible reinvention that makes this house even more likely to be built sooner than later. 

It appears that I will be moving back, after almost 30 years, to the Pittsburgh area. And with the move, exciting new connections, resources to real materials and organizations excited for this project and lots and lots of space where this very project could be built have begun to really open up. I wish I could tell it all here but I do not believe in counting those chickens until it's time. 

It has taken me a while to get to this place. Probably the emotions of leaving Brooklyn, NY where my work was first sparked was the biggest part of what I had to wrangle to take this step. But now that I have and can see clearly the potential of what my move could mean, WOW.

So very excited about this next giant step forward. 

Here we do indeed go!

Planning The First Trip To The Aircraft Graveyard

Rodney Trice

So many questions to be answered. So many more questions just keep coming up. And it ended up all culminating to the point that was so abundantly clear. 


So the plans are coming together and it looks like late June to mid-July that we will be going. The excitement as we plan this is amazing. I can't tell you. Its the way I work. I have to be with and touch and walk around these big machines. It will give me the very real sense of what I want my home to be. 


WHEW!!! Lots moving along!

Rodney Trice

So this week we finished the TV pilot Refitting The Planet. Not a small undertaking.

I also confirmed the core team for Basel House and got them up on the site. Check them out at the TEAM PAGE.

So much is happening and so much moving forward. Truly an amazing time for me.

OMG! The team is almost all confirmed. GOD!!

Rodney Trice

Long long gone are the days when I would find a corner of the family room to myself and dig the tools need from my dads cabinet in the garage and start my Saturday afternoon project. Another spaceship maybe or a box to hold action figures. Usually a spaceship. Most of the time a spaceship.

Oh my not now!

Who would have ever dreamed building a house is more complex that building a spaceship. Even if the spaceship was just out of wood, cans, cardboard and duct tape. A lot of duct tape. 

Even just assembling the team on this project is no small feat. 

And YET!!!! (Drum roll please.) I am almost there. I have a recognized architect on board, a realtor, a finance director, social media coordinators and the film team who will document the whole thing. The only two positions I'm waiting to lock down is PR and Materials Sourcing. And we cannot do much without both. 

Thinking about one of those duct tape spaceships taking me away about now. lol


Rodney Trice

I and David Bergman began discussing out two biggest challenges today. The first of which I begin to tackle this next week. And that is actually figuring out what materials (aircraft) we can acquire and at what cost. It will define everything about this project. Even simply if it can happen in Miami with Art Basel as planned. There is a lot or research and chasing contacts until we land (pun intended) our airplane! 

Of course, as with any project of this magnitude, the second giant challenge is the financing!


Rodney Trice

I'm meeting the realtor today to begin shaping the website better to begin to connect to all the parties that will be involved. There are so many people involved in a giant project like this. OMG!!!! So many people. Dizzing… But this is the beginning of planning out the process that all people involved will use as their marching orders and this will define the efficiency of the plans which is SO important to allow ME the elbow room to create and innovate. Exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. but more than any other adjective BRILLIANT!!!! And there is no doubt anyone and everyone involved in this project will feel a huge sense of being part of a game changer and a life changer. 


Rodney Trice

It feels like this is taking forever, but (Im told) we are moving along nicely. 

Im just hoping to get the actual aircraft locked down soon so at least 1 - 3 of the house designs can move into a more final stage and cost to really get this moving and lock down financing. 

So so much work, but it is moving. whew.