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The Vision & The Plan

I have often embarked on individual journeys of discovery in singular objects or groupings of objects. I have watched the relationship of objects in the world around me for decades. I obsess over them. But to take the same philosophy and apply it to the very spaces we inhabit... my obsession is inflamed!... 
I'm verklempt. 

It is time to build my first house! 
And Im looking for the financing! Could that be You?

and I thought it was exciting making TIME MAGAZINE'S Green Design 100!



Starting out with a completely open mind about the materials I was going to use, it was ultimately retired aircraft that really just clicked for me. Here you'll find all the info I have found. All my design cues are here.

 (the heaven & hell blog)

From start to finish, here is where I journal the ups and the downs of the process, the complete wipeouts along the way and the brilliant successes. Let's git er done!


And here is the battle between what I want and what the engineers tell me I can have. OK, and the financers too (grrr, um, love you guys!). Seriously, here I log the actual development of the house.